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Students: Student Parents
A student who is responsible for a child or young person can claim UC.

This includes lone parents, couples, adopters and foster carers, and where either both of them or
just one of them is a student.

Before claiming UC a student should make sure this is their best option - particularly if they are getting any legacy benefits - see Rebecca example below.

To do this they will need to know how much UC they will get, and whether or not they will be expected to do any work search / work preparation as a condition of claiming.

NOTE: Where the student is receiving an undergraduate loan - ensure any Special Support Element included in the loan is disregarded as income - click here.


Rebecca is the lone parent of a 10 year old daughter. She has just finished her first year of a full-time degree course at Newcastle University.

She’s been managing on her Student Income, Child Tax Credit and Child Benefit but has just explained to her Housing Officer that she will not be able to pay any rent until September when she receives her next loan payment.

Rebecca could claim Universal Credit - she is a 'qualifying student' as she is a lone parent.

BUT when she makes her claim for UC, her Child Tax Credit claim will be brought to an end.

So a better off calculation needs to be dome - looking at both the summer holiday period as well as when she returns to Uni in September.

For CTC her student loan is totally disregarded.

For UC, it can take account of her rental liability but will take most of her student income into account.


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