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People From Abroad: EU Settlement Scheme
EU Settlement Scheme

  • The EU Settlement Scheme enables some EEA nationals and certain family members who are already living in the UK as at 31st October 2019 / 31st December 2020  (see "time limits") to apply for a new immigration status - "settled status under UK immigration law".

  • If they're given settled status this enables them to receive benefits under the same rules that currently apply to British Citizens.  However pre-settled status, although it confers many rights, does not of itself enable the person to be receive benefits.  Click on the links for more info.

  • An application for settled status can be made through the Home Office, online, at no charge. 
    For details go to "How to apply" and "What should an EEA national do now".

  •  Non EEA family members whose relationship to the EEA national is as an unmarried partner MUST have a residence card (cost £65) before applying. The same applies to other "extended family members" (details on this page.)

  • Those EEA nationals (and some non EEA national family members of EEA nationals) who are able to apply to the EU Settlement scheme will have up until 30th June 2021 to do so (with extensions in some cases) - athough if it's a 'no deal' this will be earlier: December 31st 2020. Non EEA family members joining EEA nationals during the Brexit “transition” or “implementation” period between Brexit day and 31st December 2020 will need to apply within three months of joining them. 

  • The status (and consequent benefit rights) of EEA nationals and their families who will not have been granted settled or pre-settled status by 31st December 2020/30th June 2021 is not entirely clear. The policy paper on a No Deal Brexit published 8th September 2019 suggests that they would be able to rely on any 'right to reside' status under the Immigration (EEA) Regulations 2016 up to these dates but is silent on their situation from the following day. We suspect they would be treated in the same way as EEA nationals arriving to the UK after 31st October 2019 / 31st December 2020 and have to apply for a new immigration status - see the page on Post Brexit.

  • The government has published a "Community Leaders' Pack" to enable organisations to spread the word about the Settlement scheme.

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