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How it Works: Managed Migration - Transitional Protection

  • Some claimants are worse off on UC - those claimants who are 'Manage Migrated' on to Universal Credit from the legacy benefit system will normally be entitled to 'transitional protection'.
    This means that they will be no worse off when they transfer across onto UC.
  • This managed 'migration' is expected to start in July 2019 on a small scale - the DWP only expect to manage-migrate 10,000 legacy benefit claimants in the first year of managed migration.
  • There is no transitional protection against the Benefit Cap, time limited protection for those Tax Credit claimants with over £16,000 in savings/capital, and some protections for those self-employed claimants affected by the Minimum Income Floor.
  • Transitional protection can end due to certain change in circumstances.
  • And it erodes over time as the general level of benefits increase.

Please note the details on these pages are based on the proposed Regulations that still require Parliamentary approval - which has now been delayed until after the 'test and learn period' therefore the final Regulations that are implemented may be very different.

Click here for the proposed Universal Credit (Managed Migration) Amendment Regulations 2018 and the explanatory memorandum.

Who is entitled?

Which UC claimants can get transitional protection?

How Much?

If entitled, how much will someone get?

How long for?

How long will any transitional protection last?

Extra protections for some

Special rules exist for some claimants with savings, who are self-employed and some students.

Severe Disability Premium

Special rules for some claimants who have lost the Severe Disability Premium

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