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Work Focused Interviews: What is the interview for?
The purposes of a work-focused interview will depend on the conditionality group the claimant is in. In addition to those claimants in the work focused interview only group, those claimants in the all work requirements, and work preparation groups can also be requested to attend a work-focused interview.

The purposes of a work focused interview are any or all of:

  • Assessing the claimant's prospects for remaining in or obtaining work,
  • Assisting or encouraging the claimant to remain in or obtaining work,
  • Identifying activities that the claimant may undertake that will make remaining on or obtaining work more likely,
  • Identifying: training, educational or rehabilitation opportunities that may make the claimant more likely to remain in or obtain work or be able to do so,
  • Identifying current or future opportunities that are relevant to the claimant's needs and abilities,
  • Ascertaining whether a claimant is in gainful self-employment or meets the conditions of the self-employment start-up period.

The activities discussed in a work-focused interview are those that will make it more likely that the claimant will obtain paid work, or more paid work, or better paid work. Such activities include: employment programmes, work experience, voluntary work or gaining relevant qualifications.

Important! Claimants can be sanctioned for failing to attend or failing to participate in a Work Focused Interview. See here for more details.

How is the interview notified to the claimant?
The DWP must notify the claimant how, when and where a work-focused interview is to take place.
Unless the claimant is on the 'offline' UC service, they will be generally be notified on their journa; and  and  by phone or text.
More on communication issues here.


Helena is in receipt of Universal Credit. She is in the work-focused interview requirement group. She in notified by text by her Work Coach to attend a work-focused interview on 6th May 2019 at 11.00am in person at her local Jobcentre Plus office.

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