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Applying for help with childcare costs
In order to receive help with childcare costs the claimant needs to provide information to the DWP, usually on their journal, although note they will need to provide evidence either at the Job Centre or by asking their work coach for a "To Do" to attach it to the online account. 

They will need to provide:

Full name and OFSTED registration number of the childcare provider

Contact details of the childcare provider including, address, telephone number and manager’s name

Address where the child is being looked after

Full cost of childcare

And if they share childcare responsibilities with another person (eg ex-partner) information on what the arrangements are.

Once these have been provided, they only need to notify if anything changes. However they will still need to provide receipts for the childcare they have paid for every assessment period, within strict time limits. See The Notification Condition.

What if the claimant can’t afford to pay for childcare costs when they first start work?

Work Coaches have been told they can give Flexible Support Fund Payments (which are intended to help people get into work) to claimants who can’t pay their first childcare cost payment upfront.
In February 2019 Justin Tomlinson stated:

“Where upfront childcare costs or deposits may prevent a claimant from starting work, jobcentres have been instructed to use the Flexible Support Fund to support the transition into work.“

How to apply, and who can get this help, on this page.


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