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Booklet: Universal Credit - Get the facts


Click on the links below to see our Universal Credit - Get the facts booklets,

Our new 'Digital Universal Credit' booklet provides information and hints and tips for those living in a Digital UC area as well as those already on UC under the Digital UC service - click here.

And our original 'Universal Credit -get the facts' booklet is packed with important information and useful tips for anyone wanting to know more about Universal Credit - click here.

We also have a Welsh version (see below).

................ if  you would like a supply please contact us: info@housingsystems.co.uk


We have designed these booklets to provide Universal Credit claimants (and potential claimants) with easy to read information about UC.

They provide the basic information every UC claimant needs to know as well as hints and tips on some of the important issues!

If you would like a supply of our
Universal Credit booklets,
the costs are:


1000 booklets


500 booklets


250 booklets


100 booklets


Produced as A6 leaflets on 130gsm gloss paper.

Not sure? We will happily pop one in the post to you.

email: info@housingsystems.co.uk

If you are placing a large order why not have them customised - to reflect your colour scheme, contact details and with your logo on the back:

1000 customised booklets


1500 customised booklets


2000 customised booklets


3000 customised booklets


4000 customised booklets


5000 customised booklets


Thinking of a different quantity? Just contact us for a price.
All costs include delivery to an address of your choice.

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