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Re-claims ie where been on Universal Credit in previous 6 months

If a single claimant or a couple are making a new claim for Universal Credit and they have previously been entitled to Universal Credit (for the couple it could be either member being entitled) within the 6 months prior to the new claim, then the Monthly Assessment Period for the new claim will be the same as the Monthly Assessment Period for the old claim*.

Where it is a couple making a new claim for Universal Credit (rather than being treated as making a new claim - see below) and both members were previously entitled to Universal Credit within the last 6 months as single claimants - the Monthly Assessment Period for this couple claim will be the same Monthly Assessment Period as whichever previous single claim ended earlier*. (Para 3C, Regulation 21, Universal Credit Regulations.)

*So long as during this time they met the basic conditions of entitlement to Universal Credit (other than accepting a claimant commitment and being temporarily absent from Great Britain), but not if they have been a 'prisoner' nor a member of a religious order during this time.

Couple to Single claim

In terms of new Universal Credit awards where a couple split, an award will be treated as made (ie no need to make a new claim) for each or either of the new single claimants (or new couple if one member has formed a new couple already). 

This is in contrast to the non-digital system rules where the first of the couple to notify of the split needs to make a new claim.

(New para 6 of Reg 9 of the Universal Credit, PIP, JSA and ESA (Claims & Payments) Regulations 2013, and omission of paragraph 3(e) of Reg 26 - click here for the Regulations.)

In these cases ie where a couple on Universal Credit split up, the new Monthly Assessment Periods on the single claims will be the same as on the couple claim. (Para 3, Regulation 21, Universal Credit Regulations.)


Phil and Joanna are entitled to Universal Credit as a couple. Their Monthly Assessment Period runs 10th of one month to 9th of the next. Joanna moves out on 23rd June. Phil contacts the DWP to notify them of the split. The couple claim is brought to an end from 10th June ie the beginning of the monthly assessment period in which they split up. Both Phil and Joanna can continue to receive Universal Credit based on their new circumstances without having to make a new claim. These single claims will run from 10th June (as long as they provide the information and evidence the DWP require within specified time limits).

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