Housing Systems: Combating poverty and sustaining tenancies.
Reducing rent arrears through Universal Credit

Looking for training that will help your staff resolve the problems of UC and reduce rent arrears?

"This course has given us plenty of ideas that we can take back and use in our daily work - a real eye opener."
This full-day session is packed full of useful information and practical ideas to problem solving 
Aimed specifically at those who work with tenants. The knowledge gained on this course will help delegates to protect their customers’ UC income and minimise the impact on rent accounts.

Outline of Day

9.30am                 Introductions and expectations

9.40am                 Problems with claiming
                             Claim closed?
                             Rapid reclaims
                             Annual verification
                            True / False exercise

10.30am               Dealing with sanctions
                             Prevention is better than cure
                             How sanctions work – impact on rent account
                             Challenging sanctions

11.00am               Break

11.15am               Maximising entitlement
                             Previously on ESA?
                             Working carers
                             Disabled workers
                             EEA national couples
                             Case studies

12.45pm               Lunch

1.30pm                Getting the Housing Costs Element right
                            ‘Untidy tenancies’
                             Non-dependant deduction issues
                             Use and occupation
                             Temporary absences
                             Discretionary Housing Payments
                             Would I lie to you exercise

2.45pm                 Break

3.00pm                 Issues around Changes in Circumstances
                             Starting work
                             Becoming too sick to work/look for work
                             Moving home
                             Couples: Hits and Splits
                             Case Studies

4.00pm                Challenging decisions
                             The process
                             Explicit consent

4.30pm               Close
What delegates have said about this course:

"Great course, so informative and enjoyable."

"Excellent course. There's so much more to Digital UC - real challenges ahead!"

 "Kept us involved - very relevant exercises. Trainer very informative and encouraged discussion."

"I gained a much better understanding of what tenants will be experiencing when claiming Universal Credit on the Digital service and ways in which we can help them to get the best outcome."

"It explained so much - I now feel so much more confident in advising tenants on UC."

"It's worrying how so much can go wrong - I'm so glad I attended this course ahead of our areas going onto the Full service."

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"I have worked in housing for over 30 years and this is the best benefits training I have ever had."

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In-house course
Universal Credit is more complex than anyone expected and those complexities are causing huge problems for claimants.

Many are not aware why the problem has arisen or how to deal with it.

Some don't even know that they are missing out on money they are entitled to.

This course aims to give delegates the knowledge and confidence to tackle these issues. 

Devised especially for those staff who have a basic knowledge of Universal Credit and are now ready to delve into the complexities of the system that they need to know for their job.

This course aids learning by using case studies and discussion and is different to most other UC training.

You will not be disappointed if you book this course.

Book this course in-house for just £895+vat (for up to 16 delegates).